Blog: Thoughts and Tips From Your Opera Coach

  • The French Semi-Consonants
    Your French Lyric Diction Tip: When you speak, or in our case, sing in French, there are 36 sounds to master. In today’s post, we will focus on the semi-consonant-sound.
  • Make Haste Slowly
    We are in the age of social media, instant fame and being discovered on big platform talent hunts. How does a young aspiring singer get to their desired result while fighting temptation to skip steps?
  • How to Sing the French Mixed Vowels
    The French language has fifteen vowel-sounds. I say this every year at the start of my French Lyric Diction class as the students’ eyes widen. I can almost hear them thinking “Fifteen? How is that possible? How can I sing fifteen different vowel sounds?” That seems like a lot and it can be quite daunting if you are a singer starting out singing in this language.
  • Choosing Your Vocal Coach-Pianist
    This week, I am spotlighting the coach: It is important for singers to surround themselves with a team of people they trust completely to help them weed through all of the comments they receive daily and all the outside “noise”. A good coach as a member of this team, is a great help in figuring out which feedback is useful and they help you achieve results.
  • Online Auditions: Embrace the Learning Curve!
    Do you have an online audition coming up? Maybe these tips will be of use!

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