Blog: Thoughts and Tips From Your Opera Coach

  • Vocalic Harmonization in French Singing
    Vocalic Harmonization: Maybe you have heard this term before, or perhaps it is new to you. If you are not sure about how and when to apply Vocalic Harmonization, maybe this will help you!
  • Studying in Europe: Is it for you?
    Studying in Europe: Is it for you?Looking forward to life starting up again after Covid-19 is more under control, it is good to plan ahead, and many of you are already planning to audition in Europe (online). I put together a list of things to consider.
  • What is Your Definition of Success?
    What is success to you? We know what setbacks are, we have all had them. They are a part of being human and an important part of any worthwhile process, but why is it so difficult for us to define, or identify success?
  • A Plan To Help You Effectively Learn Music
    Your voice teacher just sent you your repertoire list. Is there a better feeling? Who doesn’t love cracking open a new score? You are tempted to just start singing it or digging around YouTube for a million different versions to listen to. But what would happen if you don’t do that just yet? Try these following steps and see if you learn more effectively!
  • Stay afloat
    An Editorial: Everyone copes differently and we are all trying to cope in the best way that we can in these unprecedented times. While it is true that we can’t control what is happening around us, or to our lives at the moment, what we can control is how we react to it.

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