Blog: Thoughts and Tips From Your Opera Coach

  • Collaborative Pianists How To Treat Them and What To Expect From Them.
    Being a collaborative artist is very rewarding. It is like a calling for most of us, and we would never want it any other way! As a singer, you will always need a collaborative pianist. Hopefully these tips will help you in building this important relationship.
  • Creating Your Social Media Brand as an Emerging Artist
    With everyone – including colleagues and potential employers – now owning some form of social media account, how can you ensure that you effectively build your professional network and engage in exciting discussions while being professional?
  • Tips on Learning Recitativo
    Tips on learning Recitativo: Being able to sing recitatives convincingly separates the good from the great. Try following these steps the next time you learn a recitative and try to go too quickly!
  • A Look at the Yod a.k.a the J-Glide
    A common point of confusion in French Lyric Diction is when do pronounce the -ill(es), -il(s) as a Yod [j], and when do we pronounce this double “ll” combo as just one “l” [l]. There is a method to this madness, and it is not so complicated.
  • Vocalic Harmonization in French Singing
    Vocalic Harmonization: Maybe you have heard this term before, or perhaps it is new to you. If you are not sure about how and when to apply Vocalic Harmonization, maybe this will help you!

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