Things I like

Blogs, links and websites ….

Here are a few websites, blogs or YouTube channels that I just like to browse on a regular basis. All from people I know and respect, as well as some organisations that are close to my heart.

Christine Goerke’s website and her blog Heldenmommy:

I met Christine while working on a production together in Amsterdam. We had never met before, yet we recognized each other right away. We clicked and have been friends ever since. I trust this woman, she is the real deal! Visit her website to follow her career and if you want to coach with her, or read her blog, click on Heldenmommy. I highly recommend!

Ellen Rissinger and François Germain’s The Diction Police:

Ellen and I have known each other for a long time, although we have only physically met once, and it was quick! She is a fabulous coach and co-founder with François Germain of the famous diction website: The Diction Police

Mia Mandineau’s YouTube channel L’opéra et ses zous:

Mia Mandineau is a wonderful young French soprano, who happens to be one of my students. She has an amazing Youtube channel all about opera! Check her out at L’opéra et ses zous on Youtube!

The Conservatory of Amsterdam :

The school where I have been teaching for the past 10 years, the “Conservatorium van Amsterdam“.

The Collaborative Piano Blog:

One of my colleagues, Chris Foley, has a very successful blog for all things collaboration!

The Center for Opera Studies in Italy:

An intensive opera summer program in Sulmona Italy. I have been teaching there since 2008. My dear friend Darryl Edwards is the artistic director.

COSA Canada :

COSA canada is a registered Canadian charitable organization.  Its activities include the sponsorship and support in Canada of the “COSI Connection”, originating from its part in the 2007 launch of the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy . 

AIMS in Graz:

I have been teaching at the American Institute of Musical Studies on and off since 2005. I always love going back there to teach alongside friends, and meet some wonderful young singers.

Cécile van de Sant:

Cécile is mezzo-soprano and a good friend who also happens to be my duo partner! Together we are Duo Aurora.

Nina van Essen:

Nina van Essen is a mezzo-soprano who works at the opera house in Hannover. She is also a duo partner!

Hein van Eekert:

My very good friend, Hein, is the host of the Opera Program “Opera Live” on our national classical radio station “NPO Radio4” here in the Netherlands. He is an operatic expert!

Vrienden van het lied:

House concerts throughout The Netherlands.

Keep checking back for more links…