French Diction Coaching

Nathalie Doucet has established herself as a highly-sought after French Lyric Diction Coach. Her 20 years experience as pianist, opera and vocal coach has equipped Nathalie to coach French pronunciation as a compliment to your vocal technique. Not only accurate knowledge of the formation of the vowels, but the rules of “liaison” and “élision” as well as all of their exceptions (there are many!) can help you sing in French. Nathalie ensures that using the correct diction never compromises your vocal technique or the sound you wish to make. With years of coaching the French lyric repertoire, Nathalie has cultivated a way of teaching diction so that you won’t fall into the common technical pitfalls.

Lyric diction is the mastering of a language in its sung form. It is important to have correct diction, because text in song or opera is the primary conduit of the expression, or the story. The patterns of stress, intonation of the text are all vital in achieving proper French diction while singing.

Interested in knowing more? Book a session online, or in person! Sessions will begin in August 2020.