Nathalie Doucet

Nathalie Doucet Vocal Coach, Pianist, French Lyric Diction Specialist

Nathalie Doucet is currently available for coaching audition repertoire, for helping you with role preparation, concert work and rehearsals. With excellent knowledge of the operatic languages, she is specialized in French Lyric Diction.

A professional in the field of voice and opera for over 20 years, Nathalie Doucet has a vast knowledge of repertoire, auditioning techniques and and is a regular consultant for singers wishing to start or maintain careers in Europe. If you need help preparing auditions for opera studios or a Fest contract, or you just need advice on where to begin, book a session! Sessions are available both online and offline for consultation and diction work.

Recent Blog Posts:

Make Haste Slowly

We are in the age of social media, instant fame and being discovered on big platform talent hunts. How does a young aspiring singer get to their desired result while fighting temptation to skip steps?

How to Sing the French Mixed Vowels

The French language has fifteen vowel-sounds. I say this every year at the start of my French Lyric Diction class as the students’ eyes widen. I can almost hear them thinking “Fifteen? How is that possible? How can I sing fifteen different vowel sounds?” That seems like a lot and it can be quite daunting if you are a singer starting out singing in this language.

Choosing Your Vocal Coach-Pianist

This week, I am spotlighting the coach: It is important for singers to surround themselves with a team of people they trust completely to help them weed through all of the comments they receive daily and all the outside “noise”. A good coach as a member of this team, is a great help in figuring out which feedback is useful and they help you achieve results.