Nathalie Doucet Vocal Coach, Pianist, French Lyric Diction Specialist

A professional in voice and opera for over 25 years, Nathalie Doucet has a vast knowledge of operatic and art-song repertoire. She has an extensive expertise in auditioning techniques and is a regular consultant for singers wishing to start or maintain careers in Europe. If you need help preparing auditions for opera studios, Fest contracts or you need advice on where to begin, book a coaching session or consultation! Sessions are available both online and offline for consultation, coaching and diction work.

Recent Blog Posts:

Looks are deceiving: Special French Words

After years of coaching French repertoire, I have come across some difficult words which people struggle to pronounce, unless you know how to say them. There is no way to figure them out unless you are a native speaker. Pronouncing these words cannot be solved with diction rules or IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). Let’s look at three of these particular words and some contexts where you can find them.